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The Moorland Balance eBook

The Moorland Balance eBook

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A full colour digital version (PDF) of our essential 56-page book.

Featuring a foreword by Sir Max Hastings, this handy 56-page paperback offers an insight into the science behind grouse shooting and moorland management.

Based on the Trust’s submission to the Westminster debate on grouse shooting in late 2016, this book is a go-to guide for those with an interest in the British uplands and is based on years of research and practical experience, both from the Trust and other parties.

This helped to inform the debate and provided an opportunity to condense our responses to the many questions we are asked about both grouse and moorland management into a single place for the first time. Now available for a wider audience, this book covers issues ranging from predator control and heather burning to alternative land uses and hen harriers and is ideal for anyone with an interest in upland affairs.
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