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Stanley the Water Vole

Stanley the Water Vole

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Whilst out patrolling his beloved riverbank, Stanley notices some strange new visitors in his environment. First there was just one, but soon many more started to arrive, falling from the sky and settling in the water.

Today, many of our waterways are under threat from plastic misuse. This story explores the consequences plastic has in our rivers, the effects on the environment and the hardship Stanley and many other animals face as a result of our careless actions.

Narrated by Mother Earth, your children can listen, read along and engage in Stanley’s tale whilst learning how impactful plastic can be, and why we must never drop our litter on the ground. It’s empowering to know we can all do something to help, and by working as part of a team, together we can always achieve so much more. Sometimes a collaboration is required – just like in Stanley’s story.

Accompanied by an original score, and beautiful illustrations, this story is sure to delight and educate all who read it.

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