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Pro Ferrum Gun Care Fluid

Pro Ferrum Gun Care Fluid

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Pro Ferrum is not a traditional oil - it is a new super fluid which serves as both a cleaner and lubricant that is suitable for use on shotguns and rifles

Pro Ferrum protects guns and prevents rust.

It is the only oil in the world that absorbs water. This wet drying ability means water is absorbed by oil even from the smallest cavities.

It’s ultra-fine formula is designed to adhere to sprayed surfaces leaving a protective film inside and outside of barrels and on actions. Better still it is completely safe to be used on wood and other materials too without damaging or affecting their finish.

The lubricating properties of Pro Ferrum are such that it doesn’t bind with grit or sand to form abrasive compounds which could damage the workings of a gun, and will break down old oil and grease deposits with ease.

How it works

  • On wet surfaces the fluid encapsulates water; emulsifying it and removing it from surfaces it is applied to.
  • The fluid itself is so fine it is superbly effective at penetrating and removing fouling and baked on residues in seconds.
  • It neutralises acids from fingerprints and will dissolve the initial formation of rust and replace it with an anti-corrosion layer.

Review by Guntrader

I was very impressed with this product, I can’t verify the science but from a practical perspective it delivered on its promises. I don’t think my guns have ever been so clean and it was so satisfying watching any residue or dirt break down and lift off the surface. It really comes into its element in wet conditions as you feel confident that the moisture really has been removed and the gun is left dry and protected. I don’t envisage any reason to return to my traditional gun oils as I feel that this product would probably be more economical and effective in cleaning, lubricating and protecting.

Product information

Pro Ferrum is not a traditional oil, it is a complex fluid. Complex fluids are based on a variety of active ingredients which form a complex molecular compound. This compound is outstandingly efficient in dissolving powder residue, encapsulating water, protecting and lubricating metal.

Due to its rapid spreading properties Pro Ferrum penetrates and breaks up baked on residues. Pro Ferrum neutralises acids from fingerprints, dissolves the initial formation of rust and replaces it with an anti-corrosion layer.

All ingredients are gentle to the skin (Dermatest certified) and to other non-ferrous materials. Pro Ferrum prevents microbial attacks by natural plant extracts, but when mixed with water, it is readily biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

Pro Ferrum does not contain silicone oils or fluoro-polymers. Such oils and agents should never be used on guns as they may damage the finish.


Pro Ferrum is designed to spread out over surfaces and create a fine film similar to a super fluid: it forms a thin film and continues to creep over any surface and penetrate even the finest gaps. This is a significant difference to ordinary gun oils, which have limited penetrating properties requiring careful application to ensure all surfaces are covered.


When sprayed on a wet surface, like on a barrel in the rain, Pro Ferrum, breaks down the water into tiny droplets and encapsulates them and a yellowish emulsion occurs. A second spray of Pro Ferrum replaces this emulsion with an oil film, which protects the metal from any further attacks of oxidation.


Pro Ferrum has excellent cleaning properties. It penetrates and lifts undesired residues and protects the material underneath.

Pro Ferrum dissolves rust quickly and as an indication, the colour of the fluid changes to orange.

- Brass, Tombac and Lead: bullets leave a layer of residue in the barrel.
Pro-Ferrum dissolves these metallic residues each time it is applied after shooting. As an indication, the colour of oil becomes green or grey.
- Old Oil and Grease residue: Pro Ferrum dissolves old oil and grease residue easily


- Iron and Steel four stage effectiveness:

1. The first stage of effective metal protection is to clean the areas vulnerable to early corrosion. Blued finishes are especially prone at converting sweat, fingerprints or humidity into rust.
2. The second stage is to build up an active neutralising layer. Sweat and acids from powder residues are neutralised by Pro Ferrum.
3. The third stage is to block the rust-active spots by neutralising their electrochemical potential and by capturing free ions. Pro Ferrum covers these spots with hydrophobic, water-repellent working agents. The protection is intensified every time Pro Ferrum is applied.
4. The forth stage is the protection of the metal with a thin layer of oil, in order to prevent water and acids coming into contact with the metal surface.

- Copper, Brass and Bronze: Protecting these is not quite as important as with ferrous metals, however, avoiding them is key to maintaining the aesthetic of the metal. Pro Ferrum contains special anti-corrosion properties for these metals.

• Leather: Being skin friendly, Pro Ferrum does not damage leather like some traditional oils, in fact, it softens even brittle leather and recovers its flexibility.
• Wood: Pro Ferrum can be used in small quantities for wooden stocks. With a few drops onto a soft cloth, then applied to the stock, you will be rewarded with a refreshed, shiny appearance.
• Plastics: Plastics and polymers used for firearms are usually robust materials, but some plastics tend to degrade when exposed to UV-light. Pro Ferrum can reduce this ageing by providing a protective barrier and antioxidants.


Pro Ferrum lubricates all parts of a gun by forming a thin oil layer. This layer is sufficient for smooth operation but it will not bind grit or sand to form an abrasive compound.

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