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Moorland Conservationists: The Untold Story - eBook

Moorland Conservationists: The Untold Story - eBook

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44 pages

This collection of nine case studies aims to raise awareness of moorland conservationists, whose efforts and achievements often go unheard.

For these land managers, moorland management is about much more than grouse. They regard themselves as practical conservationists who care greatly about the wildlife and habitats they look after.

Their stories show that, with the right approach, it is possible to combine thriving local communities with a productive countryside and the preservation of our precious heather moorland and its biodiversity.

They demonstrate how, free to use their expertise in decision making and supported with expert advice and sufficient financial backing, private land managers are ideally placed to deliver a range of public goods from wildfire prevention to flood mitigation.

The collection features some of the UK’s most endangered and spectacular species including mountain hare, curlew, lapwing, golden eagle, merlin, black grouse, ring ouzel and many more.

It reveals the challenges faced by those who manage the landscape for their benefit and the secrets of successful conservation.

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