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GWCT Annual Review 2015 - eBook

GWCT Annual Review 2015 - eBook

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A full report of the activities of the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust during the year 2015.

This issue includes:

The Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust Council

Chairman and Chief Executive’s report

Our policies

Advisory and education


Director of Research’s report

Communicating research

  • Physician heal thyself – research into practice

Lowland game research

  • Corvid control and breeding farmland songbirds
  • Hatching success of lapwings in miscanthus

Wetland research

  • The status of breeding woodcock in Britain
  • Regulation of woodcock energy reserves in winter

Biometrics and partridge research

  • Partridge Count Scheme
  • The Rotherfield Demonstration Project
  • Climate change and the Sussex Study
  • National Gamebag Census: woodcock, woodpigeon and pests

Upland research

  • Uplands monitoring in 2015
  • The effect of buzzard predation on red grouse
  • Surveying black grouse leks in England
  • Langholm Moor Demonstration Project: year eight

Farmland research

  • Bees and agri-environment schemes
  • QuESSA – the benefits of nature

The Allerton Project

  • Allerton Project: game and songbirds in 2015
  • The farming year at the Allerton Project in 2015
  • The Welland Valley Partnership
  • Approaches to restoring bird abundance

Predation research

  • Farewell to the Fenn trap

Fisheries research

  • River Frome salmon population
  • MorFish – protecting Atlantic salmon
  • Sea trout smolts in the River Frome

Research projects by the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust in 2015

Scientific publications in 2015

Financial report for 2015

Staff of the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust in 2015

External committees with GWCT representation

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