Sponsor a Woodcock

A unique gift idea and a superb way of supporting our pioneering Woodcock Watch project.
Our pioneering Woodcock Watch Project

We are currently undertaking a pioneering tagging project which involves tracking woodcock migration paths using satellite technology.

This cutting-edge research is enabling us to answer some important questions as we attempt to promote woodcock conservation in the UK.

Amazing findings

The project is being managed by leading woodcock expert Dr Andrew Hoodless who despite being an authority on the species for over 20 years has been amazed by some of the findings since the project began in 2012.

One of the most spectacular findings to come from the research is the sheer distance some Woodcock travel. Three birds have flown around 4,000 miles to breeding sites in central Siberia. One male, tagged in February 2012, is estimated to have flown 23,750 miles so far!

How you can get involved

None of this research is possible without the continued support of our members and those who wish to sponsor a woodcock.

A small sponsorship of just £36 helps us to monitor a bird’s location throughout the year using satellite technology. Each sponsor can then track their bird’s journey online as it travels up to 10,000 kilometres throughout the year.

Each bird that we are able to track helps provide more vital data to help in our drive to conserve the woodcock in the UK.

This is important work and a small contribution can help generate significant results.

See what happens when you sponsor a woodcock and become involved in this fascinating piece of research. You will receive:

  • Access to website and real-time woodcock tracking
  • Woodcock passport - everything you want to know about your woodcock
  • Certificate - confirming sponsorship information about your feathered friend
  • Fantastic woodcock stickers - a sheet of 15 different fun stickers
  • Pocket guide to nature book


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