'Salmon' - Original painting by Miles Parnell

'Salmon' - Original painting by Miles Parnell

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  • Pen, coloured inks and watercolour.
  • Artwork measures 20 x 30cm.
  • Outer frame measures 36 x 46cm.

About the artist

Miles Parnell is a Devon based artist and Illustrator. Many of his early days at St Martins School of Art were spent at the Natural History Museum sketching birds, and to this day a fascination and relationship with wildlife continues to be an integral part of his life. Miles has developed his individual style using traditional dip pens and recently added some touches to a piece using a tiny feather from the wing of a woodcock - a method that harkens back to Victorian times. While the importance of form and accurate depiction has much attention, he also focuses on gesture and expression. Preferring to call his pieces "painted drawings" - using minimal suggestions of colour, Miles maintains an allowance of a sense of spontaneity, space and individuality with each piece that he crafts.

GWCT is selling this original artwork on behalf of the artist and will take a 25% commission from the proceeds to go towards our vital research. The artist will dispatch the work directly to the buyer.