For the Love of Bees Gift Bundle
For the Love of Bees Gift Bundle

For the Love of Bees Gift Bundle

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Bundled to help the conservation of solitary bees and other pollinators, contains;

  • The Bee Barn
  • Natural Nesting Hay
  • A pack of nectar-rich Wildflower Seeds
  • Our latest Conservation Guide on Bees
  • Lovingly packed in our Gift Box

Firstly, For the love of Bees gift pack contains our charming, customer favourite ‘Bee Barn’. Produced from sustainably managed, FSC-certified wood, with a recycled second-life plastic frontage. Designed to attract, solitary bees and other species of pollinators and insects. The barn also offers shelter and a space to create homes for these creatures in the various sections. This Bee Barn comes in an attractive gift box and is easy to put up and maintain.

Many other pollinators may nest in the bee barn, but they will require some nesting material. Nesting material can fit in the lower compartment. As they often like to adopt ready-made nests from other creatures, such as birds.

Secondly, the bundle also contains natural nesting hay for the ‘Bee Barn’. As well as a pack of seeds to grow colourful nectar-rich wildflowers that attract and feed bees. Plus, our latest conservation guide on Bees.

This Gift Bundle is the perfect gift for your nature-loving friends and family. You’ll be helping them create a cosy home for solitary bees in their gardens and outdoor spaces. Therefore, continuing the much-needed conservation of our friendly pollinators!