'Adder' - Original painting by Chris Orgill

'Adder' - Original painting by Chris Orgill

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Original acrylic on linen canvas - 44cm x 59cm.

About the artist

Living and working in Norfolk, Chris Orgill is a painter inspired by wildlife and landscape.

The paintings in this exhibition are the result of sketches and paintings made from observations and encounters in the field. These first-hand encounters are a vital and enjoyable part of the creative process, sketches can take the form of detailed field paintings, simple scribbles or even written notes, in fact any information that can be gathered to provide reference for larger studio paintings. As the number of notebooks grow, only a few of the sketches actually become more resolved paintings and whilst the initial intention is always for the field sketches to act as reference, the freshness and immediacy of the sketchbook work increasingly becomes an end in itself.

Pencil, watercolour and crayon are used for field sketches, oil or acrylic for larger, studio-based work. The medium used is often determined by the subject matter, if quick drying glazes are needed then acrylic is used, oil is chosen if a brighter, blended effect is required.

GWCT is selling this original artwork on behalf of the artist and will take a 25% commission from the proceeds to go towards our vital research. The artist will dispatch the work directly to the buyer.