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GWCT Retired Membership

GWCT Retired Membership

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Save 35% on GWCT Membership - excellent value for our more experienced supporters

What you receive when you join:

✓ Access to dozens of events taking place throughout the year.

✓ Free copies of Gamewise, our feature-packed magazine produced 3 times a year.

✓ Your own copy of our Annual Review, offering a detailed summary of the scientific projects we’ve been working on.

✓ Participation in members' prize draw raffles.

✓ Access to our members' area at the Scottish Game Fair and priority parking.

✓ Regular email updates containing all our latest news and research findings.

✓ You can join your local County Group and get directly involved.

✓ Optional daily email news alerts containing all the latest conservation news.

✓ Pleasure from the knowledge that you're helping the British countryside thrive both now and in the future.

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