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A Practical Guide to the Law of Forests in Scotland

A Practical Guide to the Law of Forests in Scotland

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102 pages

This practical guide is a well-organised and easily accessible introduction to the law applying to forests and woodlands in Scotland. The book will be a useful tool for anyone interested in Scotland’s forests whether large commercial plantations or small woodlands. The text is succinct and empathetic with helpful explanations and references to key sources of information throughout.


Philip Buchan is a solicitor specialising in land law and in particular countryside matters. He qualified in 2005 (Writer to the Signet, 2016).

Philip regularly publishes articles in sector newsletters and magazines and national newspapers such as the Scotsman. He also blogs on forestry, land reform and agricultural matters.


Chapter One – Forestry Law History and Legislation
Chapter Two – Scotland’s Forestry Strategy and Governance Structure
Chapter Three – Management of Land by the Scottish Ministers
Chapter Four – Tree Species and Health
Chapter Five – Forestry Standards
Chapter Six – Felling
Chapter Seven – Financial Support
Chapter Eight – Timber Transport Access
Chapter Nine – Land Information Search, Ancient Monuments and other Designations
Chapter Ten – Third Party Rights
Chapter Eleven – Boundaries and Mapping
Chapter Twelve – Deer Management
Chapter Thirteen – Hutting
Chapter Fourteen – Community Woodlands
Chapter Fifteen – Forestry Taxation
Chapter Sixteen – The Woodland Carbon Code
Chapter Seventeen – Conclusion

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