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GWCT Curlew Supporters Badge

GWCT Curlew Supporters Badge

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£5 from the sale of each badge goes directly to our Action for Curlew project

You can help us get practical curlew conservation advice to those on the ground by buying one of our brand new curlew pin badges. £5 from the sale of each badge goes to our Action For Curlew project, which is helping to provide advice to farmers, landowners and gamekeepers on the action they can take to reverse the alarming decline in curlew numbers. Badge measures approx 3cm.

The curlew is one of our most rapidly declining breeding birds, showing a 46% decline across the UK from 1994 to 2010. Curlew was added to the UK red list in in December 2015, and it is argued to be the bird of greatest conservation concern within the UK.

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