The must have product for any gun this upcoming season

The must have product for any gun this upcoming season

Introducing this latest must have for any gun! The world's first complex fluid to protect your gun and prevent rust.

Pro Ferrum is not a traditional oil - it is a new super fluid which serves as both a cleaner and lubricant that is suitable for use on shotguns and rifles


Pro Ferrum comes in three sizes. The 50ml bottle is ideal for keeping in your bag to take out on shoot days while the larger 100ml or 200ml sizes are perfect for keeping at home. 

Here's how it work...

It’s ultra-fine formula is designed to adhere to sprayed surfaces leaving a protective film inside and outside of barrels and on actions. Better still it is completely safe to be used on wood and other materials too without damaging or affecting their finish.

The lubricating properties of Pro Ferrum are such that it doesn’t bind with grit or sand to form abrasive compounds which could damage the workings of a gun, and will break down old oil and grease deposits with ease.

  • On wet surfaces the fluid encapsulates water; emulsifying it and removing it from surfaces it is applied to.
  • The fluid itself is so fine it is superbly effective at penetrating and removing fouling and baked on residues in seconds.
  • It neutralises acids from fingerprints and will dissolve the initial formation of rust and replace it with an anti-corrosion layer.

Read the latest review by Guntrader

I was very impressed with this product, I can’t verify the science but from a practical perspective it delivered on its promises. I don’t think my guns have ever been so clean as it was so satisfying watching any residue or dirt break down and lift of the surface. It really comes into its element in wet conditions as you feel confident that the moisture really has been removed and the gun is left dry and protected. I don’t envisage any reason to return to my traditional gun oils as I feel that this product would be more probably more economical and effective in cleaning, lubricating and protecting.

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