2254 - Rearing Game Birds & Gamekeeping by Beth Williams

A comprehensive guide for the amateur gamekeeper with management techniques for pheasants and partridges.
Rearing Game Birds and Gamekeeping - Management techniques for pheasants and partridges

A comprehensive guide for the amateur gamekeeper, this book provides practical step-by-step advice on how to raise pheasants and red-leg partridges, with a particular emphasis on the health and welfare of the birds.

Beth Williams provides an insight into each species and covers a range of topics from choosing breeding stock and incubating eggs to rearing chicks and nurturing game.

This hands-on guide draws on a wide range of accepted best practices, including experiences of overseas successes, and advises on rearing game in a low-cost and effective manner; without compromising on quality.

Hardback, 220 pages, full colour photographs


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