2251 - Moorland Management by John Phillips

A practical guide for agriculture, conservation and field sports.
A Practical Guide for Agriculture, Conservation and Field Sports

Moorland is the most extensive natural vegetation in the United Kingdom. It is internationally important culturally and nationally valuable for agriculture, conservation and field sports. Over the past half-century many aspects have been subjected to detailed scientific study so the scale and depth of knowldge about this area is greater than ever before,

However, as man's understanding has increased, management standards have tended to decline in many places and there are fewer people living in the uplands with the understanding and skills neceesary to make the moorland system work properly in practice and on a sustainable basis.

In Moorland Managment John Phillips draws together proven expertise amd management tactics for the benefit of those responsible for this wonderful land-type to carry forward into the twenty-first century.

Format: 234 x 156mm, 308 pages Binding: casebound Illustrations: colour photography


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